Age Groups are taken as at 31st December, 2018.


Junior = 16-19 years old as at 31/12/18,

 Youth = 11-15 years old as at 31/12/18.

U21 = Under 21 years of age as at 15th December, 2017.

**The Junior & Youth dates are due to the Tri NZ Junior Series covering 2017-18. 



Entry Fees 

June 1st - June 30th (5pm) - $170 Tribe Member, $175 Non-Tribe Member

July 1st - 30th November (5pm) - $180 Tribe Member, $185 Non-Tribe Member

After 30th November (5pm) - $200 Tribe Member, $205 Non-Tribe Member

Refund Policy

If withdrawing prior to 30th November, 2017, athletes can apply via email to the Festival Director for a 80% refund of entry fee paid.  After that date no refunds are possible.


The participant hereby agrees that in the event of a race cancellation or modification due to storm, rain, inclement lake or weather, winds or other “Acts of God” conditions, their entry fee shall be non-refundable.